9 Remarkable Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Impressive

The kitchen is one of those spaces inside your house where you start your day. Be it preparing those family meals, relishing coffee with your partner, or sharing those happy moments with your kids, you have to find your way. Are you planning to personalise your kitchen? Do you want to add several aesthetic elements to the kitchen and steal its functionality? A culinary space needs to have a striking balance of looks and functionality.

The first step is consulting with custom home builders in Kelowna to know how to begin working from scratch. It is not just beautiful countertops and beautiful surfaces. One of the best things about adding aesthetics to the culinary space is that you can pick from a galaxy of options. Let’s shed some light on how to make your kitchen truly impressive.

1. Change the ambience

Is your kitchen brimming with light? If the answer is yes, you can add a feature wall and decorate it with wallpaper or other unique designs. The idea is to make the wall exude a fresh spirit. Alternatively, you can also add colourful tiles. The colours need to align with the amount of natural light in the kitchen. No matter how luxurious your kitchen is, there are bound to be a few unsightly elements when you are cooking or when your sink becomes a hub of unwashed utensils. Discuss with Kelowna home builders for ideas to camouflage those unsightly elements. So the first step towards making your kitchen luxurious is changing the layout or maybe demolishing a wall to lend it more space and creating a design that makes it truly appealing.

2. No wasted steps

Are you a coffee buff? Does your groggy self require a cup of coffee in the morning? Make sure you design the culinary space with accessibility in mind so that you don’tneed to walk around the kitchen for preparing a cup of coffee. Similarly, when cooking a relishing family meal, you need to get all the ingredients handy so that you can save those wasted steps again and prepare a meal that everyone loves to eat together.

3. Designing the corners

Your kitchen may have everything that lends it a luxurious feel but you need to pay attention to the corners. Don’t make the corners of the kitchen a hub for storing your broken appliances or a place where you store everything.  That way, you may bang into so many unsightly things. Instead, add plants in the corners or small furniture that you may use inside the culinary space.

4. Check the surroundings

Ask the builders in Kelowna about how to add aesthetics to your kitchen, and you are sure to come across the significance of the surroundings when designing the kitchen. Find out what is the vibe of the kitchen. It is very important to make the kitchen look seamless with harmonious elements. For instance, if your culinary space is located near the yard, you can add more natural elements to showcase the essence. Similarly, a kitchen located near the laundry room should take inspiration from its surroundings.

5. Designing the kitchen  island

Determining the exact function of the kitchen island is necessary before you design it creatively. Find out whether you want the island to be small, big or more compact as size determines how creative can you be when turning it into a precious asset when designing the kitchen. Based on the size, shape and the colour of the island, you can change the cooking space entirely. A well-planned kitchen layout is the foundation for an efficient and enjoyable cooking experience From clean edges to interesting finishes, there are plenty of ways to enhance the form and function of the kitchen island. If you want to make it the centrepiece of culinary space decoration make sure you incorporate carefully chosen elements to make it stand out from the rest.

6. Enhance the storage space

Are you trying to redesign the culinary space to suit the styles of Okanagan custom homes? You need to add more storage space to the culinary space and make it look more spacious. The spaces over the counter or above the window can be used for storing smaller items that you need to access very often. However, if you are bent on adding more aesthetics to the culinary space, you can put a flower pot in these spaces to enhance the aesthetics. Talk to modern home builders in Kelowna about ways to enhance the space to get better perspectives on enhancing storage space in the culinary space without losing the opportunity to make it equally functional.

7. Change the cabinet space

If you want to make your kitchen look impressive and attractive at the same time, rethink the cabinet space. You may increase the cabinet space and repurpose the old look with new shelves and lamination. But, if you are planning to replace the cabinets with new ones, try to pick colours that align with the overall culinary space design and meet the storage demands adequately.

8. Change the lighting fixtures

The lighting fixture is one of those aspects that lend the ultimate look to your culinary space. Lights are mood enhancers and also change the look of the kitchen. Try to use lighter colours on the walls and the floor to allow the light to brighten the entire culinary space. You can also experiment with the temperature of the colours to create a look that you like the most. While exploring lighting options for the kitchen, you need to consult with custom home builders in Kelowna. Wondering which home builders to pick?Align West Homes is one of the most reputed custom home-building companies you can trust.

9. Change the hardware

Do you know that the hardware of the culinary space has the power to change its looks entirely? You may not undertake a major improvement task or a makeover that lasts for months but small tweaks here and there may make the difference. Change the lamination of the kitchen and turn it into white for that everlasting feeling that stays forever. The most important aspects of designing the culinary space are about finding the focal point. So, find out what you find is most important for the kitchen to showcase. From fancy flooring to quartz countertops and textures backsplash tiles, you have a wide range of options to experiment with when designing the kitchen . Just make sure it suits the design of your custom home and soaks in the best elements from the surroundings to create the much-needed semblance that your home needs.


implementing these 9 remarkable ways can transform your kitchen into an impressive space. By focusing on lighting, color schemes, storage solutions, appliances, countertops, backsplashes, decor, flooring, and details, you can create a captivating and functional culinary space that leaves a lasting impression. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the process of making your culinary space truly remarkable.

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