What Should You Know About Harvesting Peruvian Apple Cactus?

Peruvian Apple Cactus

The Cereus Repandus, or Peruvian apple cactus, is a massive columnar cactus that originated in the Andean regions of South America, specifically in Peru. In its native environment, the columnar, tall Peruvian apple cactus can reach a height of forty feet (12 meters). It resembles a tree because of its numerous vertical stems, which can branch …

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Pink Princess Philodendron: Tips to Grow and Take Care

pink princess philodendron(1)

The most beautiful and mesmerizing pink princess philodendron is on the top of many flower and plant lovers’ wishlists. With its heart-like, richly colored leaves variegated with bubblegum pink, the pink princess is a truly unique plant in the world of plants. Though it is easily mistaken for the Philodendron pink congo, the pink princess …

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Ranunculus Flower: Everything You Need To Know

Ranunculus Flower

Do you love to study about flowers? Recently, you came across a flower named,  ranunculus flower, and you want to know every tiny little detail about this creation of nature. Then, no further search because you’re in the right place. In this blog, you will get power-packed information on the ranunculus flower with the touch …

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Know about Types, Characteristics, Blooming Time, and Plantation of Pink Snapdragon Flower

Pink Snapdragon Flower

Antirrhinum or pink snapdragon flower is a typical entity that resembles the face of a dragon. Though there is little connection between the Antirrhinum flower and the pre-historical animal. Dragon is a dangerous animal but this Antirrhinum plant is sweet and attractive. Pink colored snapdragon flower plants are perennial with a natural habit of renewal of blossoms …

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Basic Mass Cane Plant Treatment and Care Tips

Mass Cane Plant

A Mass cane plant or corn plant is a type of large Dracaena cultivar that has straight sword-shaped leaves going upward. These corn leaves have straight stripes which resemble Lemon Lime species. This plant grows in Africa but you can cultivate mass cane trees depending on the climatic conditions. Compared to other plants requiring special types of …

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