Ranunculus Flower: Everything You Need To Know

Do you love to study about flowers? Recently, you came across a flower named,  ranunculus flower, and you want to know every tiny little detail about this creation of nature. Then, no further search because you’re in the right place.

In this blog, you will get power-packed information on the ranunculus flower with the touch of its origination, how to grow, where to grow, and a planting guide to the ranunculus flower. Whether you want to grow in your garden or you want to add this flower to your shop, this information will help you in the long run.. Let’s waste no time and jump into the details.

Origin: Ranunculus Flower

Before coming to the process of growing ranunculus flowers, it will be always helpful for you to know the root i.e. where is the source of these flowers, right?

Flower Ranunculus Meaning and Source

The genesis of the flower ranunculus is in the region of the east Mediterranean, southwest Asia, southeast Asia, and northeast Africa. The name “Ranunculus” comes from the Latin word for “Rana” or “frog.” that is because it grows mostly around wet growing conditions like streams. There’s another name for these flowers called “ Persian Buttercup.” No wonder there are almost 600 species of this flower ranunculus. “Ranunculus Asiatics” is the botanical name of the ranunculus flowers.


You must be thinking why the flower’s name is ranunculus, isn’t it? Don’t worry, you will get the answer. This ranunculus flower meaning symbolizes “charm and attraction.” You’ll be dazzled to see their luminous appeal.


It is a 45 cm long herbaceous perennial plant with branched stems. The plant of these flowers has high basal-like leaves with lengthy vase life. Mostly, the structure of these plants is short and bushy. Speaking of shape, the diameter of this flower ranunculus is around 3-5 cm.


Ranunculus Flower

Talking about varieties, the shades of pink, burgundy, apricot, cream, pale yellow, and white ranunculus flower are grown. An interesting thing you should know, in each stem there could be a color variety in the flower ranunculus.

Climatic Condition

The plants of the flower ranunculus grow in wet climatic conditions. Mostly, you will see this beauty near the streams or rivers.

Ranunculus Flower Season

Through nurturing, the ranunculus flower season prefers to bloom in the pre-spring to summer, based on the region’s climatic condition.

Ranunculus Flowers: How To Grow?

If you want to plant ranunculus, why try to grow it in your backyard? The underground stem of the flower ranunculus can be planted in a vessel or the garden so that you witness these charming blooms both indoors and outdoors.

Quality Before Quantity

Ranunculus Flower

Ranunculus grow from underground small stems (corms) that look like little claws. Large stems hold more storage of food energy than small corms. It helps to grow stronger plants with more ranunculus flowers.

Light & Shade

The flower ranunculus grows in cool weather that requires a ton of bright light each day. The plants of the flower ranunculus should be grown in full sun. It is advisable that during the hottest part of the day, these plants may need little sun protection to survive.


The corms of the flowers ranunculus are winter hardy in growing zones and the temperatures should not go down below 25°F. In these zones, ranunculus corms in the fall and bloom in the spring with flowers. In the cooler zones, the plants are not going to survive in the outdoors. Until and unless you keep them in a floating cover or greenhouse. Gardeners should plant the corms in the post-winter or early spring for early summer flowers.

Soil Health

For a better outcome, well-drained soil is the best option for this plant. It is requested to avoid soggy soil because the corm and roots will be damaged. If you are growing the plant of the flower ranunculus, it is requested to use high-quality containers with a small amount of soil mix and protect the bulbs from extravagant heat and cold.

Air Condition

It is best to maintain good airflow in and around the plants. If it’s possible for you then provide drip irrigation or water the plants early in the day so the leaves stay dry as much as possible. If you want to see the best results, plant the corms in one-hand distance to grow properly.

Flower Ranunculus: Where to Grow?

Ranunculus Flower

The plats of the flowers ranunculus grow best in spring-feel temperatures of approximately about 55°F. In the warm climatic zone, the corms are generally cultivated during the fall so they can bloom between post-winter and pre-spring. It is favorable to plant in beds and borders, gardens, and containers. Besides spring flowers like primroses, pansies, and larkspur, the plants of ranunculus flowers can be good companions for them.

Flower Ranunculus: Planting Guide

You’ve got a basic idea about the process of growing plants of ranunculus flowers. Now, let’s know some planting guides for these plants to get the tag of a successful gardener.

  • To get the best result, saturate your ranunculus corms in room-temperature water for a minimum of three to four hours,  before planting. It will help the plants in their development.
  • You get the idea that over-damped soil results in root rooting, it is suggested to grow the plants in a well-draining spot or use well-draining potting soil for the nurturing.
  • If you maintain a distance while planting ranunculus flower corms, then it would allow the plants to flourish.


To conclude, the ranunculus flower emerges as a captivating bloom that enchants gardens with its vibrant colors and soft layers. Living in well-drained soil and ample sunlight, these plants transform ordinary landscapes into vibrant tapestries of color.

With its preference for cooler climates and early spring planting, people can cultivate ranunculus successfully with the assistance of the aforementioned guidelines. Delicate in appearance yet hardy in nature, these flowers reward dedicated gardeners with a bountiful display of petals, adding a touch of elegance to any area.

FAQ: Flower Ranunculus

Q: What is the meaning of ranunculus?

A: The meaning of the word ranunculus is “little frog”. This is because the flower grows in plenty beside any water stream like tadpoles.

Q: Can I plant a white ranunculus flower?

A: You can plant and rear up a beautiful white ranunculus flower directly in a tub. You can soak the bulb for two hours before planting for a better plant life.

Q: What are tips I need to follow to plant ranunculus in the home garden?

A: The best way to keep ranunculus flowers in good condition is by keeping them in proper light exposure and growing them in well-drained soil.

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