Capsule House- A Movable Portable Cabin for Living –Everything You Need to Know

Capsule house is the ultimate solution to the shortage of space for comfortable accommodation. This mobile home is equipped with modern facilities giving you an awesome experience to explore. You can move your tiny capsule house from one place to another. This home move is free of hazards so far as the transportation is concerned. In these modern times, it is expensive to construct luxurious condos and resorts. Capsule homes are pre-built structures that are easy to assemble for fast relocation anywhere. You do not need to purchase the land for establishing the big house made of brick and mortar. Instead, you get the fully integrated portable home which is eco-forward and affordable for people.

What Is Capsule House?

capsule house is a modern establishment that is portable with mobility. You can ship your airspace cargo to another place. The small cabin is used as a mobile restaurant, shop, and living room. Inside the capsule home, there lies a large room with elegant furniture pieces and wall painting fixtures. The ambiance is hygienic, cool, and breathable giving you sufficient room for relaxation. The glasswork is also world-class. The portable mobile homes have doors, windows, and HVAC systems. 

Volferda Capsule House Designer

Volferda capsule house designer creates such an eco-friendly portable cabin unit that is pre-configured. In the tourism industry, space management is very important due to the crisis. The space is occupied fast by the rich builders. They construct sky-kissing resorts to give sufficient accommodation to tourists. However, during seasons, these luxurious resorts are overcrowded with the least space for customers. Volferda gives you an alternative to live in a small well-maintained capsule home that has the touch of technological innovation. 

What Are the Advantages of Capsule Home?

Crowded tourist spots are not safe for international tourists any longer. There is a shortage of accommodation at reasonable rates. Especially, the sea beachfront hotels are expensive with the least options for economical travelers. In that case, capsule houses give you several advantages. It includes 

  • Mobile home for easy relocation 
  • No maintenance cost if your portable home is defective as the manufacturer is responsible. 
  • You can book the capsule home for overnight outdoor stays. The booking process is simple. 
  • You can assemble different parts of the mobile capsule unit depending on your needs. 
  • During outdoor trekking, and any expedition in the hilly region, feel free to carry your small camping system. 
  • You do not need a third party for maintenance. 
  • You can fold and unfold the capsule home. 
  • The portable mobile tablet home is ready for you. 
  • You do not need specific space for constructing this portable home. 
  • You are exempted from following standard rules to maintain the home. 
  • Mobile capsule home is transportable by truck, train, and convertible vehicles.
  • The total cost of buying and maintaining a capsule home is much more competitive for you 

Volferda Capsule House- Measure Amenities 

Volferda capsule house is a sophisticated camping system that gives you comfort and security. Hotels which are costly for people are not the right choice for you. Capsule homes do not require you to buy the space for the establishment of such homes. Volferda designs world-class portable convertible homes that give you basic amenities. To standardize your lifestyle, these modern homes have minimalist artwork including wall painting, movable furniture pieces, and cookware systems. Besides, your small cabin is also a recreational hub that gives you the free wi-fi internet to play games online. The interior décor of the capsule home is awesome and attractive. 

Availability of Air-conditioned Systems and HVAC 

The ultra-slim capsule homes are surely eco-forward because of the proper air filtration system. Whether it is summer vacation or wintry season, you can’t stay in adverse weather which is harsh to affect your health. The portable wall-mounted HVAC systems recycle air for easy filtration. The hot air heats you during a wintry night. It seems that you are the angel to expect the arrival of the sweet fairy to knock at your door for the next episode of romance.

Different Treatment 

 The summer season gives you a typical experience but you have the potential to fight back. These modern capsule homes can soothe you by circulating the cool breeze without pollutants. In a nutshell, this is the best home for you to enjoy the exploration and expeditions with the change of the season.

Volferda Capsule House Price

Volferda capsule house price is not fixed but it depends on the number of rooms, luxury, and sophistication in the home décor. For qualitative stays inside the opulent and gorgeous capsule homes, you will have to pay around $35000 to $85000 including cargo shipment costs. Multiple variants are compatible with winter and summer. The strong rain can’t damage the interior décor of the capsules. 

More Samples 

Buyers have to choose the sample picture of the capsule home which has several rooms. The average option is 1 bed plus 1 toilet/bath plus 1 kitchen with open balcony space for the cityscape. However, you can add more rooms to enlarge the capsule home for your big family. In this connection, you should ask for free quotes to set the exact price of purchasing the luxurious Volferda capsule home. 

What to Check?

Consider a few facts before the final decision to purchase the capsule homes. The durable galvanized aluminum sheet should be rust-resistant. The rooftop should not have any leakage tendency leading to further damage. There will be top-grade glass screens to cover the window and door panels. The air ventilation systems must be up to the mark. The flooring systems with the non-skid texture are comfortable for the aged groups. Integrated modular ceilings reinforce the home for more safety. There will be matching wall paint colors to help you adjust yourself to the new environment.

Blueprint of Capsule Home

Capsule homes have the touch of a personalized look. Customers are at liberty to design the rooms. So it is better to see the blueprints of the capsule homes on the computer system. Ask for more prototypes and samples from the previous line-up for overall reviewing. All capsule homes should be hygienic, and protective of humans. 

How to Buy Volapride Capsule House?

Volapride capsule house transforms your vision into reality by giving you fantastic containers for living. Your capsule cubicles are upgraded with so many luxuries. You can sleep in your bedroom of the cabin during your nocturnal expedition in a far-flung area. To buy such a fancy movable home, you should find the best manufacturer to design the eco-forward capsule home. Volapride has a website for dealing. 

Visiting the official domain of this manufacturer, you can select the top lightweight Volapride capsule cubicle. The portable homes are in various dimensions. If you buy the readymade Volapride capsule home, you will have to check the price given with the snapshot. If you like to personalize your capsule home, the price is different depending on the requirements. 2 beds plus 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen with a spacious balcony are sumptuous compared to the single bedroom. 

Review Features 

  • Anti-rust sealant to protect the capsule home from rough weather 
  • Waterproof for better living
  • The capsule homes are fire resistant maintaining A-grade fire reduction 
  • Easy to maintain
  • (Wind-resistant(11 level) 
  • Anti-seismic(9 grade)

How Much Is a Volferda Capsule House- Current Status 

Buyers enquire by asking experts how much is a Volferda capsule house. It is not a fixed answer which fits all the models. The rates vary because of the space, quantity, and the modern interior décor. However, right now the Volferda capsule house costs you approximately $1000 per square meter. Rates can increase after considering other factors like amenities, usage of anti-seismic material, and qualitative décor. 

Awesome Decor 

Capsule home is an innovative concept to make the mobile cabin which is not built with bricks and cement. For camping purposes, tourists book such dynamic mobile capsule homes that have awesome architectural décor. 

Capsule Home for Adventurous Expedition Outdoor 

When you choose capsule homes, you need to have clear-cut conceptions about the usage, benefits, and features of the capsule homes. Your living style changes when you enter into the tiny portable cabin standing in your backyard. The small lightweight miniature capsule home is so beautiful that you are amazed to spend the night with your sweetheart. At your convenience, you can relocate your cabin close to the feet of the mountain sleeping in the dead silence. 


Capsule house compensates for the shortage of space for comfortable living. This type of mobile home with compact décor is an advantage for you to enjoy the vacation outdoors. Whenever you like to relocate to any remote backcountry, this type of mobile eco-forward home gives you the option of a safe stay at low rates. Volferda Home is the solution for you to arrange urgent accommodation anywhere. 


Q: What is a capsule house?

A. Capsule house is an ultra-modern cubicle for overnight stays during expedition outdoor.

Q: Is it a reality to stay in a capsule house?

A. The advancement in technology enables man to create such mobile cabin which has bedrooms, kitchens, and toilets for peaceful living.

Q. Why is a capsule popular?

A. Capsule home is popular for the immediate arrangement of accommodation plus the easy accessibility, low maintenance cost, and safety.

Q: Why do you need such a capsule home?

A. For outdoor camping, feel free to stay in a convertible and adjustable capsule home.

Q: What are the advantages of living in a capsule home?

A.Capsule home is a type of small partitioned-off enclosure with sufficient space for stays. You can assemble and assemble your camping systems conveniently.

Q: Is a capsule home made of bricks?

A. No capsule home is a lightweight structure made of galvanized aluminum, wood, and glass.

Q: Who is allowed to use the capsule at home?

Tourists, explorers, and nomads prefer mobile capsule homes. However, there is no such hard and fast rule.

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