Top Tips on Attractive House Skirting Ideas

House Skirting Ideas may not be a widely discussed topic but it’s an avoidable part of adulthood in a way. We don’t precisely learn about house skirting in school, yet most of us have our homes skirted.

When we grow older, a time comes when we are to pick a specific type of house skirting technique or material. That too isn’t for just any place, it’s for the very place we are going to nurture our lovely family. For most of us building a house is a fairytale and in that house skirting ideas matter.

What is House Skirting?

In case you’re not exactly sure what House Skirting is, we got you. House Skirting is basically the ‘cover’ or a ‘skin’ that goes around the bottom part of the house. It is mainly used to hide parts of the house like its foundation, plumbing, electronic connections, etc. Apart from that, it also serves as a decor. The color, the type, or the material you pick for house skirting can really impact the overall get-up of your house.

Therefore in order to give your dream home a picturesque appearance and impress your friends at the country club. Here is our list of the top 3 highly recommended house skirting ideas– 

Quick Tip: Finding Skirting Ideas for House

Before jumping into our list, it’d be beneficial to note that to find the perfect skirting material for your house you will have to visualize hard. I’m sure that you have already done it enough times while thinking about your house, so it won’t be tough. Browse on Pinterest, edit the skirt type into a picture of your house, print them out, sit with them, compare, and decide.

1. Vinyl Skirting

House Skirting Ideas

Vinyl may not be as sturdy as other skirting materials that we are going to talk about today, but its specialty lies in its weight and interlocking panels. It is mostly preferred when there is a low budget or less time for installation labor. Vinyl skirts are made with lightweight materials, which demand much less physical effort and time.

Vinyl skirting is also known for its durability, it is made to withstand all weather conditions, from excessive heat to snow cold. You get a variety of styles and color options available as well, which is always a big green flag. Vinyl skirting is often available in the form of interlocking panels which can be arranged as you like and easily snapped together.

On top of all of this, there’s more. The reason why Brick Skirting is one of the best cheap house skirting ideas is that Vinyl is not only cheap to get and install, but it’s also low maintenance. You don’t need to paint it, seal it, stain it, or polish it, it’s just the best, it’s the Batman of house skirtings.

It also has fantastic insulation properties. Well, when skirting you are basically insulating the space between the ground and the underside of the house. Vinyl skirting is great for that.

2. Stone Skirting

House Skirting Ideas

One of the best house skirt ideas has to be Stone Skirting. No one can deny just how cool and chic they look. A good thing about Stone Skirting is that you can opt for either natural stone or manufactured stone, both of which give amazing and long-lasting results.

Stone skirting gives you that Old Money aesthetic look. It immediately elevates the whole image of the building, making it look authentic, raw, and very expensive. Stone skirting is highly, highly durable and of course copes with every weather condition ever. It has one of the best insulation properties, which makes your house very safe, plus, it regulates the temperature.

Stone skirting is also very low maintenance, be it natural or manufactured stone veneers. If that sounds surprising to you then let me tell you that manufactured stone veneers are built to compete well with natural stone skirting. Therefore, they are durable and have great longevity.

3. Brick Skirting

House Skirting Ideas

Now this must not be a surprise for you. Brick Skirting may not be the most loved one but is the most classy. A popular belief is that brick skirts are made up of actual bricks. I hate to break it to you, but they aren’t actual bricks, Brick Skirtings are made of Brick Veneers. They mimic the texture and presence of bricks just that well and are a hell lot cheaper than actual bricks.

Similar to Vinyl Skirting, Brick Skirting also provides you with interlocking panels. You can arrange them exactly according to your need to give a seamless finish to your house skirting. The reason why Brick Skirting is one of the best-raised house skirting ideas is because of just how effortlessly classic and timeless it looks.

Brick Skirting can also enhance the curb appeal and resale value of your home. Even a brick veneer gives a house such a classy and attractive appearance that the house never goes unnoticed, and undesired. It can heavily impact the resale value of your house as it’s commonly viewed as the most durable, desirable, and undoubtedly long-lasting.


Looking for skirting ideas for house can be a bit tough or maybe too easy. It depends on how passionate you are about the building that someone would call their home. A building that someone would call their childhood home. It’s where someone will grow old. A building that’s going to be a distinct part of someone’s memories forever, til their very last breath. So, maybe keep looking for what makes that house feel like a home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to put skirting on a house?

Ans: Ideally, you should hire professionals depending on the kind of house skirting you are getting. However, you can get a good idea of how it is done by watching this sweet man’s video on YouTube called How to Install Skirting Boards – a DIY Guide by Charlie DIYte.

2. Where to buy house skirting?

Ans: In today’s day and age, you can easily find house skirting online. You can also check out the Facebook marketplace for a cheaper rate. In case of no luck, you of course have your local home depot.

3. How to install skirting around the house?

Ans: Installing skirting around the house can be a very challenging task if you are doing it by yourself. However, if you have picked a material like some sort of veneer panels or vinyl panels then it’s very much possible. We highly recommend the video by Charlie DIYte called How to Install Skirting Boards – a DIY Guide.

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