10 Sustainable Ways to Renovate Your Home in 2023

Every home needs to undergo renovation at one point. But what puzzles most homeowners is deciding the key aspect of home remodeling. For some people, refurbishing the house should be completely based on style but for others, it may be the substance added. What is your take if you are looking forward to remodeling your house soon? You have been catering to your preferences until now whenever you wanted to renovate the house. Why don’t you help save the environment this time? That way, you will also help yourself and make your home a better place to live on the planet.

So, let home renovations in Vancouver begin with these 10 eco-friendly ways and be a part of the green movement.

Tips to renovate your home with eco-friendly elements

1. Change the floor in Renovate Your Home

Often flooring is one of the things that you begin with when renovating your house. If you prefer a wooden floor, let it be reclaimed wood this time and embark on the journey to sustainable homes. Use reclaimed wooden boards that do not warp but make sure you consult with an expert for Vancouver home renovations as they will guide you about sustainable flooring options. Try to check the quality of scaffold boards to make them last for years.

2. Recycled products for the kitchen in Renovate Your Home

Kitchen renovation will surely be on your agenda if you are refurbishing the entire house. It is one of those portions that get dirty and worn out more than the rest of the house. Do you have something in mind about changing the countertop? But to go with sustainable renovation, you can think about recycling waste products like concrete and glass. Similarly, you may use recycled tiles made from aluminum and cement for the walls.

3. Repurposing existing décor for Renovate Your Home

If you are the one to throw away old décor objects in a jiffy, think again. A custom home renovation in Vancouver that focuses on sustainability is all about repurposing old stuff. So, think before you throw the old cabinets in the trash or the dining set that you are planning to throw away. You might turn them into more meaningful things and complete the entire home renovation within your budget.  Moreover, repurposed things have a hint of creativity that can hardly match the new objects you buy to decorate the interiors. With such measures, you can ease the burden on landfill space and save the planet from the damaging effects of creating new products.

4. Insulate your house

Have you been waiting for the cold and hot air to escape resulting in a loss of energy? If you want to keep your home cold during summer and cozy during winter, move ahead and add insulation to your house. Find out which portions of your home need to be adequately insulated like the crawling spaces, attic, or basement.

5. Green roof

Are you planning to change your home’s roof? Transform it into a green roof and see how energy efficient your home becomes. If you are not keen to change the roof of the main portion of your house, you can apply green roofing on the garage or shed roof. One of the reasons you must consider the option of a green roof is that it protects the roof from outside elements and prevent it from degenerating faster.

Share your ideas for renovation with Roadhouse Homes, a Vancouver-based company that will help you pick the right options. They have dealt with diverse renovation projects across Vancouver and are naturally the ones you can trust.

6. Stick to low-flow pump systems

Do you know how much water guzzles out for every flush? Why don’t you switch to more effective plumbing systems that reduce wastage? Talk to the best builders in Vancouver that are involved in eco-friendly renovation projects. All you need to do is replace the existing plumbing like the faucet, shower, and toilet with low-flow devices that aim to prevent wastage of water. Why don’t you discuss with the renovation company and explore multiple possibilities of water wastage in bathrooms?

7. Avoid demolishing

It is easy to demolish a wall and buy a new one but a better option is exploring the house to check how much demolishing you can prevent. The more you demolish the higher is the generation of trash. Demolition harms the environment due to the waste it creates. When planning for home renovations in Vancouver, the best builders will insist on repurposing the spaces differently to create a similar effect.

8. Make your house zero-waste

How responsible are you for disposing of trash from your house? Be it regular household trash or other junk that generates in your house, make sure they do not go to landfills or incinerators to pollute the house with greenhouse gases. Wondering how to make your house a zero-waste area?  Buy repurposed containers and get food in bulk. Use food scraps for making the soil nutrient-rich.

9. Switch to an electric stove

Although gas stoves are healthier than electric stoves, they generate harmful and toxic gases, posing a direct threat to your health. If you want to prevent indoor air pollution, switch to an electric stove.

10. Install energy-efficient windows

If you are going for modern home improvement, a significant upgrade is to replace traditional windows with energy-efficient products. Don’t just focus on the windows but check the frame materials thoroughly to turn your home into a healthy corner of the planet. Research reveals installing new windows is one of the most sought-after wish lists when it comes to remodeling a home in an eco-friendly manner. When it comes to eco-friendly home renovation, you must prioritize the replacement of doors and windows as the cooling and heating expenses are one of the prominent aspects of home budgeting.

There is no denying that home renovation provides you with an opportunity to deliver a new look to your house but it should not come for a price that affects your health and the planet negatively. Consider using these eco-friendly ways in your house to make it sync with a healthy lifestyle.

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