Get a Thorough Idea about Modern Simple Pop Design

While improving your home, you should consider the modern simple pop design. The top ceiling of your bedroom should be protected and concealed from dust. The suspended false ceiling is a protector covering the texture of the ceiling as a safeguard. POP false ceiling stops the wear and tear trend of the ceiling. For home décor, people use the simple modern POP suspending ceiling which is reinforced and durable.

What Is a POP Ceiling?

POP or Plaster of Paris is a gypsum-based component that is available in both powder and paste. This type of POP ceiling board is resilient and long-lasting without releasing any toxins into the environment. For home decoration, you can opt for this type of gypsum-based material mixed with water, fiber, and moldings to design your ceiling. 

Design Your Living Room with POP Suspending Ceiling 

POP is an affordable component for you to design the ceiling of your living room. This material works well to make your room beautiful with proper color combinations to enhance the infrastructural elegance. For versatile living room decoration, you should try to choose the high-quality POP to transform your home into a work of art. The suspending ceiling offers a sealant of d protection to your ceiling without color fading. The overall aesthetic quality of your living room or dining space is improved with the upgraded POP suspending ceiling. 

Check Modern Simple Pop Design Hall

The POP suspending ceiling hangs from the ceiling. It requires space to cover while suspending. Therefore, you need to check modern simple pop design hall and measure the height from the ceiling to the floor ground. Maybe, your living room is small in size with a low-rising roof. You should be careful to install false ceiling boards to decorate the roof ceiling. 

After improvement of the ceiling, you need to do proper room illumination. The lighting attachments and accessories should match the suspending ceiling. If you install the tall chandler, it will hang down to dangle overhead. Your head can collide with the long Chandler lighting fixture. ‘Therefore, decide what to choose for proper living room illumination and décor.

Certainly, the option is near you. Go for the LED lighting fixtures which are not bulky and have heavy-duty attachments to adjust your room. Recessed LED lamps are concealed underneath the roof ceiling. These flat and oval lamps do not need extra space for installation and maintenance. Besides, flush-mount lighting fixtures are also suitable to align the false ceiling. 

Select Trendy Modern Simple Pop Design

Traditional square and rectangular design false ceilings are not always given priority by experts. There are many new variants in the market. You should watch the latest videos and photos stored on the virtual gallery for making the right decision. Trendy and fancy POP suspending ceiling designs are dynamic and diverse in look. Your living room décor will undergo a radical improvement to maintain aesthetic quality. The curvy modern simple pop design adds a new vibe to your living room. 

Modern Simple Pop Design for Bedroom

Modern Simple Pop Design

People like to go for modern simple pop design for bedroom because the roof stays durable with a longer lifespan. The suspending ceiling of your bedroom will give you coverage to hide criss-cross cables/lighting wires and the AC box. Therefore, the clarity of the false ceiling is enhanced with a superior aesthetic effect. 

One of the advantages of installing pop false ceiling boards lies in the low maintenance cost. You can do the required changes and innovation as well changing the boards for optimal beauty of the ceiling. Plaster of Paris has the dehydrated semi-gypsum which enhances the reinforcement of the ceiling. You can experiment by bringing the latest variants like geometric POP suspending ceiling designs to make your bedroom ultra-modern.

Innovative POP Designs for Bedroom 2023

In 2023, you have a handful of new out-of-box ideas to modernize your bed chamber by bringing an assortment of the latest variants. POP is a simple material that has gypsum and fiber to make the ceiling boards smooth, durable, and sturdy. You are not required to repair and re-engineer the suspending ceiling annually. It is much budget-friendly and easy to maintain. 

2023 gives you a cluster of upgraded POP ceiling décor boards ranging from zigzag, square, and down to plus-minus POP ceiling designs. Central and customized POP designs to improve the room ceilings are varied with upgraded looks. 

Single/Double/Multilayered POP Ceiling Designs 2023

The single-layer POP ceiling of the bedroom is extraordinary and it is more attractive. For a single tiny bedroom, a single-layer POP-suspending ceiling is a plus point. Double-layered POP ceiling designs are required for a big hall that has a huge space for lighting.

Multilayered POP designs for ceiling décor take your room to a higher level of structural elegance. For heavy accent and delicate designs of your ceiling oversize, you need such a double and multi-layered POP ceiling for 2023.

Mix and Match POP Design for Your Bedroom/Living Room 2023

The latest arrival of upgraded mix-and-match POP designs for your bedroom and living room in 2023 is a turning point or breakthrough. People like to select such sober and decent POP ceilings with accurate mix-and-match patterns. The contour of the ceiling can be insulated by POP material which matches the vast white-colored ceiling.

Your room will have a changed look after the POP design to upgrade your bedroom/living room. The color of the furniture should be agreed with the natural hues of the POP contour ceiling to enhance the natural panorama. The cool ambiance indoors is an enhancer to mesmerize guests visiting your home occasionally. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of POP 

  • The POP-suspending ceilings are much stronger and glossy. You can do a lot of innovations by replacing old false ceiling boards. Gypsum is a good component that increases the heat resistance power of the ceiling. Besides, you can handle a single-layer POP ceiling easily as it is a perfect fit for a small-size room. Apart from it, you can also choose other variants like multilayered POP design to upgrade the rooms maintaining aesthetic quality. The rooms have different heights of pop ceiling boards to fill up the space of the room. 
  • Another good feature is the compactness. The suspending ceiling gives extra support to the roof. it hides cracks and fissures in your main ceiling. Often in ancestral houses, the ceiling portion is tracked in pitiable condition. The signs of cracks in the ceiling texture are prominent. The extra sealant wipes out all the deficiencies enhancing the beauty of the rooms. 
  • The third advantage is the possibility of keeping the environment indoors cool. Gypsum absorbs heat. Therefore, with the change in the chain of seasons, the rooms get hot and cool. 


  • Side by side, there are several demerits for checking. The suspending false ceiling in POP style hangs five inches below the main ceiling. That means the height of the suspending ceiling is five inches from the base point of the upper ceiling. If you have a tiny luxurious bedroom, you will have to be careful while moving. 
  • For the tiny short heightened room, a modern simple pop design is not suitable. The room height should not be less than 11 ft for the suspending ceiling installation. 

New Trend for Modern POP Ceiling Design

The new trend among home designers is pop design for room simple. It will be an amazing luxurious room with a fantastic minimalistic pop design. The suspending upper ceiling platform should have an awesome aesthetic appeal.

The blend of colors and artwork must be aligned to produce such a work of art. You can do the needful by changing the roof ceiling in suspension mode. You are at liberty to decorate the false ceiling by applying contemporary paintwork and colors to make the upper false ceiling more awe-inspiring. 

The recent technology has added a new dimension to the POP ceiling by using excellent woodwork. You are lucky to opt for the lightweight wood planks for making the ceiling boards for suspending from the main ceiling. It enhances the rustic appearance of your room. At the same time, you can select specially designed accent LED lamps for room decoration. The recessed lamps in multiple colors illuminate the whole room and it creates the romantic environment. 

The false ceilings are extraordinary after the proper color treatment. It is more personalized to express your personality and identity. The simple lustrous suspending ceiling décor impresses viewers and guests. It is a specially designed room that has dazzling light and aesthetic appeal. 

POP false ceilings are different from brick and mortar built roof ceilings. It is an extension that hangs from the main part of the roof ceiling.  There are different types of POP home design samples for you to check before the start of false ceiling décor.

Awesome Color Combination of Modern Simple Pop Design for the Ceiling 

Modern simple pop design for bedroom

Colors are varied with different visual effects to influence people. For instance, the mustard yellow and white color blend is a wonderful match for your false ceiling during the summer season. You can also try cool white color to do the ceiling painting. For more sophistication, experts recommend striking colors like purple, red, orange, and turquoise to design the modern pop false ceiling. Simultaneously, dark brown color is also suitable for designing the contour borderline of the suspending ceiling in combination with light white color. 

Check POP Ceiling Cost 

Before implementing your home improvement project, feel free to compare POP ceiling costs to cut your expenses. It is affordable and you can depend on gypsum-based ceilings for home décor. The long-lasting color of the suspending POP ceiling board does not get faded quickly. To have an idea, have a look at the given POP ceiling cost below.

Type of False Ceiling                                                    Average cost

Gypsum false ceiling                                                     Rs 50-150 per sq ft

Wooden false ceiling                                                    Rs 80-650 per sq ft

POP false ceiling                                                            Rs 50-150 per sq ft

POP VS PVC Ceilings 

PVC ceiling boards are usually reinforced and therefore long-lasting comparatively. These typical suspending ceiling panels do not need regular maintenance. Over several decades, the PVC ceiling stays resilient and bold. POP is popular for cost-effectiveness, variance in colors, and fire resistance. For living room décor, kitchen, and dining space decoration as well, you can go for the colorful durable POP ceiling panels. 

Curved POP Ceiling Design- Make Your Bedroom Larger 

Modern Simple Pop Design

Curvy design is innovative especially when you go for home improvement with POP material. Curved POP ceiling is also called coved ceiling which is conical shaped. The false or suspended ceiling looks like a dome with tapered at the apex. The conical shape of the roof can be modified with a curved or coved-suspended ceiling.

The woodwork on the ceiling is remarkable to boost up people who watch the structural beauty of the curvy suspended ceiling. It is protected from moisture and dampness. in this connection, you should check a handful of sample pictures or photos to have an idea about the coved POP ceiling design. 

Textured POP Ceiling Design

If homeowners are connoisseurs of vintage architecture and home design, they should try the textured POP ceiling décor. This false ceiling has a variance in color and design. The classic touch of Victorian POP architecture has been modified to design the detachable suspended ceiling artistically. it is an idea POP ceiling design for you. Your bedroom, living room, and dining space have the inspirational royal décor and classic finish.

Square POP Ceiling Design for Your Living Room 

For simple ceiling décor, a geometric square POP ceiling is better than other conventional false or suspended ceilings. Your bedroom with such a flexible and colorful square false ceiling seems to be more innovative without being complex. it is a modern POP ceiling but in a simple way to maintain decency in color combination and ceiling décor. 

Asymmetric POP Ceiling Design 

For abstract minimalistic ceiling designs, people should choose asymmetric POP ceiling designs. It is the best fit for a small size bedroom which has a world-class suspending ceiling panel with a POP finish.

Modern POP Plus and Minus Ceiling Design 

Modern Simple Pop Design

Modern POP plus and minus designs are simple but innovative. The geometric patterns are peculiar but varied in color and shape. You can opt for circles, rectangular, oval, hashtag signs, and squares to design the wall and the ceiling of your bedroom.

It is a new home décor idea which gives you the freedom to decorate the bedroom. The combination of square or rectangular shape design on the texture of the porch and the oval ceiling is a perfect match to enhance the pleasing aesthete of your room. 

Minimalists also do a lot of research to invent more awesome POP plus minus designs with abstract art. It is thematic or theme based to do the attractive wall painting and ceiling painting. Te They use plaster of Paris containing dehydrated gypsum and fiber.

The power-based POP is mixed with water to form a paste for painting the walls of the room. Plus minus POP design is significantly enhancing the structural ‘charisma and elegance. You can utilize acrylic, wood, and glass with POP to give the room a dynamic presentable look. 

POP Design with Perfect Woodwork 

Pop design for room simple

POP is a durable material and it is also heat-resistant. On the other hand, wood is the simple material that keeps the warmth of your large size hall or bedroom. The woodwork is excellent because of its durability and resilience. An artist can do delicate filigree and paintwork on the wood panels which are combined with the POP ceilings.

This artwork is brilliant and exuberant to please you soothing your eyes. Wood was used by artists to decorate the palace and do proper interior décor. The usage of wood is popular among modern home designers and professional architects. Woo panels and rafters are installed on the ceiling texture and wall for classic geometric filigree design. It is so fantastic and remarkable artwork. 

POP Ceilings Design with Floral Design

The innovation and variance in the room décor are sustainable opening new routes for exploration. You will find top home décor templates which prioritize POP ceiling design with flowers. The extensive area of the wall and ceiling can be upgraded with POP material. The POP ceiling and wall are both long-lasting and eco-friendly.

To make the wall paintwork and ceiling presentable, you should use floral designs. The large size lotus flower with the stalks floating on the white-colored texture of the ceiling is amazing. You are free to choose any attractive flower for delicate POP ceiling décor with flower petals. 

Where to Get Professional POP Home Designers?

Modern simple pop design hall

To make your dream a reality, you should be well-prepared with modern simple POP design. You can’t take it a DIY to proceed with the paintwork to restore your home artistically. Professional experts in the domain of POP room design, and home improvement are hired for designing homes. They are available for you to do any type of complicated to simple POP home décor. They are experienced and professional to complete projects for better home upgrades. 

Right now, many top home designing companies offer qualitative pop home design services at competitive prices. These companies have only world-class wall painters, architects, and POP room designers with expertise in false ceilings. They have the talent to transform your home from a wrecked building into a showpiece with immense aesthetic potential. 

Through the internet, you can communicate with these companies which offer high-quality custom POP suspending ceiling décor and bedroom/lounge/kitchen room design using POP material. Besides, if it is your small size bedroom with limited interior space, you can call an individual POP home designer who works personally without being legally bound to any client/corporate office. 

Get Free Quotes and Create a Budget for POP Home Design 

The cost of the POP bedroom, lounge, and dining space décor is not the same. It depends on the type of artwork you choose at reasonable prices. Secondly, you must decide whether you do a single-layer POP suspended ceiling design or you have the latest plan to handpick the multilayered geometric POP home décor.

The expenses are calculated on the quality of POP home décor, the number of rooms for aesthetic treatment using POP material, and the type of POP home design. For a budget-friendly package, you need to get free quotes for comparison studies before the selection of the best POP simple home design. 


The modern simple pop design is a new trend for people to decorate their spacious rooms using plaster of Paris. There are different POP home design patterns and methods to try for improving the home aesthetically. It must be appealing and alluring from an artistic standpoint of view.

Choose the specific POP design pattern which matches your home and satisfies your mind. Besides, you need to put focus on the overall cost of designing the home with POP and wood. You should have all updates and required information to start the next POP home décor tomorrow. 


Q: What is POP?

A: POP is the acronym for Plaster of Paris. it is durable gypsum-based material used for home décor.

Q: What are the advantages of using POP for Ceiling and Wall décor?

A: POP is cheap and it is also durable. You are not compelled to do regular home maintenance to protect the wall painting with POP.

Q: Is POP weather resistant?

A: Yes, the POP component is a weather-resistant material.

Q: Why is POP popular among people?

A: POP is trendy and it is also affordable for homeowners to decorate their rooms with POP finishing.

Q: Is POP long-lasting and attractive?

A: POP has dehydrated gypsum which reinforces the wall painting and ceiling boards.

Q: Where to get POP?

A: POP is a popular material for suspending ceiling décor and home improvement. You will get them at online shops and local home improvement storefronts.

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